Author’s Welcome

Hello, and thank-you for visiting my website and blog!

My primary objective as a historical fiction author is to entertain you. If reading my stories can assist you in letting go of everyday stress and headaches of day-to-day life and transport you to another time and place then I have done my job. If I taught you something about history in the meantime that perhaps you never knew until reading my stories then great. My stories will put you into the action.

In Impossible Target, the reader will be in the cockpit living and feeling the action. Every bump of turbulence, every terrifying flak-burst. The reader will experience the raw and gut-wrenching emotions that are war.

My stories will be published under my banner Time Machine Press where our readers are transported back in time.

I have thoroughly enjoyed writing Impossible Target! This project has definitely been a labor of love. One of my great passions is historical aviation and I certainly hope you enjoy this story as much I did writing it.

Stay tuned for exciting posts, Twitter fun (@ImpossibleTrgt), and the upcoming release of Impossible Target in April!