by Mark Wade

December 1943. The momentum of the Second World War has shifted in favor of the Allies, and American confidence in the security situation has soared in the past few months. Lights and radio stations are back on across the East Coast as normalcy has returned to America.

While Germany may be down, though, it isn’t out, and the Luftwaffe has developed the technology to get Nazi Germany back in the war. Operating from secret bases in occupied Norway, Hitler’s Luftwaffe is about to launch their new heavy bombers against the mainland United States.

Unprepared for an attack on its homeland, only a limited number of air and naval units are available to  react to the surprise attack on America’s most valuable asset — its will to fight.

It’s a race against time, with the fate of New York City hanging in the balance. You’ll experience breathtaking action and historical drama as the American homeland is attacked for the first time since 1812 by a foreign power. Can the Americans stop the German bombers before they release their weapons, or will the German forces fight their way through and destroy their impossible target?